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IJ Driver Training

IJ Driver Training school is owned and operated by Ivan Juric.  You know you are in safe hands as Ivan is a government accredited driving instructor, member of the ADTA-SA (Australian Driver Training Association) and offers a great learner driver experience throughout Adelaide’s Southern Suburbs. From Glenelg, Marion, Hallett Cove, Woodcroft, Happy Valley and everywhere in-between, Ivan will get you feeling safe, competent and in control behind the wheel.

IJ Driver Training school Ivan Juric government accredited driving instructor Adelaide’s Southern Suburbs Glenelg, Marion, Hallett Cove, Woodcroft, Happy Valley

IJ Driver training has been established for over 18 years and has helped hundreds of new drivers across Adelaide to pass their test with confidence.  Offering both CBT&A (also called Log Book driving lessons) and VORT (Vehicle On Road Test) driving lessons in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, you’ll be given expert tution and a solid foundation for a lifetime of safe driving. 

As an ex-heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver for 12 years, Ivan has experienced every type of driver and driven in all driving conditions, so you can be assured you are in safe and competent hands.  Passionate about driver safety, IJ Driver Training will teach you about awareness, safe driving and how to handle all different types of road conditions.

Learning to drive can be a stressful experience, but Ivan will calm your nerves, and build your confidence and skills at a pace best suited to you.  Relaxed, calm and patient there’s no stress with Ivan’s driving lessons, it’s just great instruction, great value and fantastic results.

Parent or guardain of a learner driver? Need some pointers? You are welcome to get involved by sitting in on any lessons and we can to give you some advice and tips on how you can get the best results when supervisiong a new driver.

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Learning to Drive Made Easy

Students tell us that we make learning to drive simple, easy and fun.  To make it real easy we come and collect you from your house, school, work or whatever suits at a convenient time, and when we are finished, we will drop you back where ever you need to be.

We want you to enjoy driving and gain a calm, confidence when behind the wheel.  We will discuss your driving experience with you and tailor your driving lessons to suit you and your needs.  If you have never driven before, we can start you off slowly on the quieter roads to build your foundation skills, and then gradually move you through to the more challenging roads when you feel ready. 


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Driving Lessons – Excellent pass rate & safe, confident drivers

We will give you a great introduction to driving and have a positive approach to coaching and training you.  We will give you the right skills and techniques from the start, this will build great habits so that the best and safest techniques become your norm.  Getting the basics right will set you up for a lifetime of safe, competent and confident driving.

Driving safely and efficiently

With an exceptionally high pass rate IJ Driver Training will get you feeling safe, confident and in control behind the wheel as fast as you can safely learn.  Many people ask how many driving lessons will I need?  This really does depend on lots of things like your natural aptitude for driving, past driving experience and how much practice you can get in between driving lessons.  We promise to respect you and your time, so we will not take you out for more lessons than you need, nor will we encourage you to take any tests before you are safe and ready.  There is a real sense of joy, delight and relief when you pass your driving test and we will get you prepared for your P plates as quickly, safely and efficiently as you can learn.

Driving lessons in Woodcroft, Glenelg, Marion and Brighton

Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We will give you a great introduction to driving and have a positive approach to coaching and training you. 


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